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QuickBooks Premier Plus Nonprofit is an industry-specific edition in the QuickBooks Premier Plus line-up of desktop accounting software. Since this version is specifically for nonprofits, it’s ideal for churches and religious organizations. Wave is a free option for churches with very few revenue sources.

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  • In addition it will help you keep track of who is donating the most and towards what items.
  • Other automation tools are sprinkled throughout the software.
  • Log in to your QuickBooks account on Commerce Sync and you’ll be able to authorize the connection.

Consider hiring a CPA to do a quarterly or annual “look over” of your church bookkeeping … Hiring a “experienced” bookkeeper is not usually very high on a small or start up church’s list of necessities. So the Pastor either does the bookkeeping themselves or corrals a member/volunteer with some “financial” or “organizational” skills and turns it over to them. You also need to be able to look at that bank balance and know at a glance how much of it is designated or restricted funds and how much is left to keep the lights on. Laying all that aside….another important reason for keeping books…is to make good financial decisions.

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Also, read customer reviews to learn if users are satisfied over the long term. Decide whether your church can thrive despite any weaknesses reviewers mention. Wave Accounting is best for very small churches with zero budget to cover accounting software. Churches looking for an all-in-one church-tailored platform for keeping church records, managing church events and membership, and performing all essential church accounting functions should consider PowerChurch. Having a monthly checklist can help ensure all financial transactions that affect your bottom line are accounted for. For example, close the month and run reports by the fifth of the following month.

It can track project expenses and perform in-depth financial planning for projects. Features include time tracking and reports, budget building and estimates, customized quotes (so donors know the need), cost linking to jobs and projects, and reports that show how every donor dollar is spent. The best church accounting software offers full accounting functionality at affordable nonprofit prices. Ease of use is an important consideration when choosing church bookkeeping software because it affects the productivity and efficiency of the staff and volunteers who will be using the software.

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  • Accounting features include recurring transactions, reconciliation, and charts.
  • Aplos is great software for small churches…but even it can be “messed up” by someone that doesn’t know what they are doing.
  • However, its user interface is complicated for starters, and the platform is available for Windows users only.
  • Founded by a pastor, Simplify Church’s sweet spot is helping small-to-medium-size churches with their financial needs.

The first step in how to do church bookkeeping is to acknowledge that the handling of church funds from beginning to end is an act of worship. Therefore, being a good steward to see that your church’s resources are properly managed and cared for (no matter if it’s for a large or small church bookkeeping) is a top priority. Other features include dashboards, custom fields, and self-managed profiles. The software supports church directory, fund management, batch entry, and group rosters.

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It encompasses fund accounting, fundraising tools, and donation management. Other features include membership management, event scheduling, and custom communications. Church accounting or bookkeeping software helps churches understand and manage their financial situation. By tracking things like income, expenses, payroll, and invoices, accounting software helps churches stay financially healthy. Quicken offers plans ranging from $4.99 per month to $9.99 per month (40 percent off during the current promotion), billed annually.

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Send your donors yearly donation statement with thank you letters attached. Another benefit of using some form of accounting software designed for churches is that they come ready to print out donor statements and summarized donor contributions at the end of the year. This means you can automate the process of sending out letters to your donors letting them know how much they can deduct for tax purposes.

Get help understanding these rules and the types of nonprofits. Instantly create and customize key statements for official reporting, such as your Financial Position, Income, or Functional Expenses statements. Aplos is great software for small churches…but even it can be “messed up” by someone that doesn’t know what they are doing.


Simple and easy software, but with optional advanced features for those who need it. You can save 10% if you get an annual subscription, and Aplos offers a 15-day free trial. Aplos will send you a monthly financial statement to guide your financial health. While a solution that was developed specifically for the church is recommended, you may find success using solutions found in these related software categories. The free version of CahabaWorks is intended for use by small churches and does have a limited feature set, as well as only giving access to 1 computer.

Absolutely, we can have regular meetings so you can advise on the reporting you need and you can access your bookkeeping online at any time to pull reports and review the books. Every Simplify Church partner, regardless of church size, is assigned a Simplify Account Management Team. Your team is there not only to manage your finances, but also to support the specific needs of your church and help you reach your goals. Using Aplos’ CRM tools, you can create a member and donor database with profiles. Profiles house details including household relationships, group or ministry involvement, volunteer preferences, key dates and notes.

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We’ll help you optimize your spending to prioritize funding the things that matter most. The proprietary Simplify System is accessible from wherever you are, stored in the United States AND is 100% secure. Say goodbye to feeling stressed and hello to a new church partnership and to peace of mind. We’ll discuss the unique needs of your church and show you how you can save valuable time and resources.

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We love your transparency and determination to assist us in getting on the right track with compliance. Adding the Bookkeeping Service is moving our organization forward. You can get back to ministry with peace of mind while your bookkeepers get to work. Our financial experts will help you assess your church’s needs and give you a quote to match. Our experts are here to guide you so you and your church can thrive.

Churches can use this feature to save time (and, so, money), eliminate late fees and error-proof their accounting. You can set rules to automate your church accounting such as rules to automate payments, categorize transactions and auto-charge cards for recurring transactions. Other automation tools are sprinkled throughout the software. Pricing is an important consideration when choosing church bookkeeping software because it affects the overall affordability of the solution for churches, which often have limited financial resources.